Competitive Intelligence

We help our client get an holistic view and understand the sphere in which they operate and the changes that are happening around them, so they would be able to prepare in advance, seize opportunities and protect themselves.

Our in-depth Intelligence abilities are used to research and analyze every relevant detail that could benefit our clients. We diligently and professionally gather Intel, without geographical boundaries.

  • Hostile/ Antagonistic Entities -We provide reports on the daily activity and potential threats arising from entities such as political and business rival that might hinder or threat the growth of our clients’ businesses.
  • Change in Circumstances – We provide comprehensive reports that study the implications presented by new circumstances such as relocation, change of personnel, a shift in the stock market, and other events of significance that may potentially affect our clients.
  • Vulnerability Reports – We provide physical and cyber assessment and evaluation reports, pinpointing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of clients’ company or facility.
  • Personnel – We provide complete hiring background checks and protocol to ensure there are no security breaches. And when needed, we monitor existing personnel, including investigation and covert investigation.
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