Data Recovery

Business and high net-worth individuals are and always will be susceptible to many risks; from criminal acts and sabotage to computer malfunction or natural disaster. These incidents could potentially be devastating for a business, harm its reputation and cause immense financial damages. In some cases they could even cost lives.
There are three layers to dealing with these kind of situations; prevention, response and recovery. All three are valuable to best negate adversity that inevitably will come.

We train, teach and operate in various fields, applying all our Intelligence knowledge and expertise to best protect our clients and insure their safety and their business safety. These are some of the services we provide:

  • Data Breach Prevention – we provide state-of-the-art data breach prevention methods, combining cyber security and HUMINT abilities.
  • Data Breach Response – from identification and notification to isolation and monitoring.
  • Data Recovery – we provide advanced software and data recovery in a secure on confidential manner.
  • Disaster Recovery – We offer complete and
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