Our combination of cyber warfare operatives, forensic specialists, law enforcement operatives and above all Intelligence operatives that specialize in HUMINT operations gives us an array of investigative tools. We have repeatedly succeeded where others have failed, solving complicated mysteries and performing very complex investigative operations.

Investigations are the basis to any kind of Intelligence work. Gathering information and analyzing it is valuable, but without a deeper level of excavation, it remains superficial and cannot completely answer the needs of decision makers.

Our unique capabilities and worldwide presence allow us to successfully handle all sorts of business-related investigations.

  • Dispute– we perform investigations that are aimed to save cost and shorten dispute time.
  • Asset Search & Recovery – we perform investigations that are aimed to locate and recover missing funds and assets.
  • Business Intel – we perform investigations that are aimed to arm decision makers with a broader picture and understanding of their surroundings and themselves.
  • Trade-Marks and Brands – we perform Intellectual Property (IP) investigations that are aimed to protect clients from piracy, misappropriation and counterfeiting.
  • Security Breach – we perform sensitive investigations to discover internal security breaches and minimize theft, fraud, business espionage, corruption, bribery and other related crimes.
  • Regulation Compliance – we perform investigations to eliminate regulatory concerns and make sure that our clients’ businesses are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Cyber-Crime – we perform investigations that deal with cyber crime and internally investigate clients’ organizations to mitigate risk.
  • Accounting– we perform thorough forensic investigations, examine books and records, financial documents and other agreements to resolve accusations of fraud, corruption or financial disputes.
  • Personnel-Based Investigations – we perform investigations to provide our clients with a better picture of their business associates, board member candidates, future employees and any other individual that is significant to their operation.
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