Litigation Support

There is never a guarantee that the judge is going to rule in your favor. From information and evidence gathering, to investigations and Intelligence operations, we offer an array of proactive services aimed to help our clients and their lawyers speed up the litigation process and get leverage on their way to win their case.

We work in conjunction with the legal professionals and in full compliance with all legal requirements. Our out-of-the-box approach, combined with world-class Intelligence abilities creates a superlative combination with the ability to strategically alter a given situation and achieve the upper hand for our clients.

  • Assessment – Our prior experience plus state-of-the-art knowledge and tools are vital here in exposing adversary’s weaknesses, vulnerabilities, objectives and strategy in order to get a clearer picture before creating a plan of action.
  • Asset Trace and Recovery – Our unique combination of operatives, top-level Intelligence, and vast network of strategic partnerships with leading companies in their field, enable us to locate and retrieve funds and assets with repeated success.
  • Evidence, Investigations and Witnesses– We offer complete support to the legal team, gathering information and using different investigations methods to provide evidence and proof and locate witnesses that could help support our clients’ case.
  • Strategic Support and Leverage – We have vast experience in creating leverage where there is none and strategically using it in a courtroom or at the negotiation table.
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