Litigation Support
We work in conjunction with the legal teams and in full compliance with all legal requirements
Competitive Intelligence
We diligently and professionally gather Intel, without geographical boundaries providing a unique advantage for companies
Due Diligence Report
We provide our clients with comprehensive due diligence reports that help them move forward with their business and protect their investments
Intelligence Report
We work closely with our clients to apply our unique knowledge, experience and holistic approach to provide a full intelligence report on every situation
Threat Intelligence
We created a unique tailor made approach to analyze potential threats and risks in various situations
Our unique capabilities and worldwide presence allow us to successfully handle all sorts of business-related investigations
We apply all our Intelligence knowledge and expertise to best protect our clients and ensure their safety

Intelligence may very well be the most important element of any plan of action. Valuable Intel is key for understanding the challenges and accumulating the relevant data on the way to formulating a solution. Knowledge is power; it allows decision makers to have a broader picture before making a decision, arming them with the ability to see what’s ahead. We pride ourselves on having intelligence operatives of the highest caliber, with over 25 years of HUMINT, SIGINT, VISINT, and OSINT intelligence experience in the world’s leading intelligence agencies.

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